101 Questions for a Photography Business Plan


Business plan is the most important tool before starting any start-up. Investors always look for the completed version of business plan before they decide for financing. So, if you want to consult / hire an advisor to establish or develop your business plan, Fhyzics can help you to achieve the expected versions with its panel of experienced consultants.

  1. What camera do you have?
  2. What are the types of lenses you have?
  3. What’s your brand name?
  4. Have you decided the logo for the face of the brand?
  5. Have you got the business license/sales & EIN?
  6. What are Company’s Vision, Mission and Values?
  7. Have you created a business account?
  8. Have you purchased URL or web address?
  9. Have you got a professional email address?
  10. In what way are you going to advertise?
  11. How much do you pay for an advertisement?
  12. Which editing software you’re planning for?
  13. Have you purchased editing software?
  14. Have you got an account with professional printing companies?
  15. Have you got a business card?
  16. Did you choose your product line?
  17. Have you decided the type of photography?
  18. Have you decided your location?
  19. Is it a rental/own space?
  20. Have you got a background setup?
  21. Have you got the lighting system in the studio?
  22. Have you got the flash triggers?
  23. Have you got the lighting modifier?
  24. Have you got the light stands?
  25. How will be the interior designing?
  26. Have you got the atmosphere properties?
  27. Have you got the reflectors and tripods?
  28. Have you got any changing rooms and washrooms?
  29. Which type of computer will be needed?
  30. What are the services & its pricing details?
  31. What are the package details?
  32. What are the maintenance activities?
  33. How often the equipment should be cleaned?
  34. What are the modes of payment?
  35. How many customers are needed every month to break-even the expenses?
  36. What are the marketing strategies?
  37. Have you got any CCTV Cameras?
  38. How often the cameras should be monitored?
  39. Who’s responsible for accounts related activities?
  40. Who’s responsible for maintenance activities?
  41. How many competitors are there (in 5 kms radius)?
  42. How many competitors are there?
  43. What is the average foot fall for your competitors?
  44. What is the unique value proposition for your competitors?
  45. What is your unique value proposition?
  46. Do you provide any door-step services?
  47. Is there any partnership with other brands?
  48. What is the management structure?
  49. Have you registered the company?
  50. Howmany employees (both staffs & service professionals) are needed?
  51. Are there any eligibility criteria?
  52. Do they require any special certifications?
  53. What are the trainings they must undergo?
  54. What’s the training period?
  55. Do you have any training centers?
  56. What is the appointment booking procedure?
  57. What’re the range of the services?
  58. Any special discounts available during special occasions?
  59. Any Standard Operating Procedure available for the employees?
  60. What are the additional free services offered?
  61. Is there any waiting lounge available for the customers?
  62. How the camera related materials will be sorted?
  63. Anyspecial methodology followed for the sanitation of equipment?
  64. How the facility exterior will be looking like?
  65. How much advance should be paid for the advance booking?
  66. What’s the facility plan?
  67. Do you have Air-Conditioned facility?
  68. What’s the number of employees needed at a peak time?
  69. How many orders can be handled in a day?
  70. What are the business-related regulatory issues?
  71. Is the place insured?
  72. How much is the monthly rent?
  73. Do you have any Genset facility?
  74. Are you checking the Genset everyday?
  75. What are the different modes of advance booking?
  76. Your competitor’s sales
  77. Staff salary
  78. Professional’s revenue sharing 
  79. How many orders will it take in a month to attain break-even?
  80. What are the operational risks?
  81. What are the business risks?
  82. How much is your initial investment?
  83. Do you have the proof of ownership of the premises?
  84. Whatare the other facilities needed for the seamless flow of operations?
  85. What’s the studio operational hours?
  86. How many events can be done in weekends and in weekdays?
  87. Do you provide outsourced contracts?
  88. How many outdoor sessions are done for a week?
  89. How many sessions you want to do for a week/month?
  90. Howmuch are you charging for a package including canvases, albums or prints?
  91. Do you have any local partners?
  92. What are the revenue modes?
  93. What are the cancellation policies?
  94. Are there any uniforms available for the employees?
  95. Do you have an Auditor for your organization?
  96. How often auditing will bedone?
  97. What are the modes of payment for the customers?
  98. Have you contracted with a company to advertise?
  99. Do you have the fire extinguisher inside the studio?
  100. Do you have any contracts with the printing supplies?
  101. How do you attract your customers?

101 Questions for a Photography Business Plan


Written by IISCM

Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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