101 Questions for Hospital Business Plan


In many ways, hospital business plan preparation is more like preparing strategies for other sectors. The hospital industry is highly a organized and controlled sector, with rules and regulation from the local administration to the central and state government dominating every minute explanations of the hospital industry.

  1. Where is the plot located?
  2. Which is the nearby stopping for public transport?
  3. How far it is from bus stops?
  4. How’s the public transport connectivity in that area?
  5. What’s the frequency of buses / trains in that locality?
  6. What’s the hospital name?
  7. Under what name, an organization is registered?
  8. How many hospitals are there in that locality?
  9. What are the specializations & facilities offered by them?
  10. How many total beds are there?
  11. Have you bought the licence to build a hospital?
  12. Check if it is an agricultural land?
  13. How many people visit your competitor hospitals daily?
  14. Which service do the people mostly looking for?
  15. Analyse the demography of that
  16. What disease do the people in that locality easily gets affected to?
  17. How is the electricity and water facilities in that locality?
  18. Have you bought licence from electricity board and water board?
  19. What is the capacity of sump?
  20. Have you bought the fire licence?
  21. How many doctors are needed?
  22. How many staff nurses are needed?
  23. How many ward boys are needed?
  24. How many office staffs are needed?
  25. What are their eligibility criteria?
  26. How’ll be the selection process?
  27. What is the code of conduct for employees?
  28. Patient entry to exit?
  29. Have you bought Medical Council licence?
  30. What’s the operational timing?
  31. How many shifts are there?
  32. Do you have any in-built kitchen facility?
  33. Have you bought Food Safety licence?
  34. Are there any charges for consultation alone?
  35. How many departments are there?
  36. Do you’ve pharmacy attached to the hospital?
  37. What’s the size of the pharmacy?
  38. Is it your own pharmacy or leased one?
  39. Have you bought the drug controller licence?
  40. Does the pharmacy have cold storage facility?
  41. How many medicines can be stored there?
  42. What’s the capacity of it?
  43. Is your hospital registered?
  44. How many ambulances do you have?
  45. What’s the driver’s eligibility criteria?
  46. What’s the customer call for ambulance process?
  47. Who’s responsible for allocating ambulances?
  48. Do you’ve any armed guards inside the hospital?
  49. Have you bought the licence for armed guards?
  50. How they are selected?
  51. You’ve any tie-up with the security agencies?
  52. Working time for doctors.
  53. What’re the eligibility criteria for engineering departments?
  54. What’re the equipment needed?
  55. What’re their specifications?
  56. Who’re the distributors?
  57. What’re the payment terms with them?
  58. Does the hospital have blood bank facility?
  59. Have you bought the licence for that?
  60. What’re the processes for voluntary blood donators?
  61. How the bloods are preserved?
  62. What’re the refreshments given for the donators?
  63. Is the building insured?
  64. What’re the safety measures for patients?
  65. What’re the safety measures for staffs?
  66. Does the hospital have water sprinklers?
  67. How often the gas pipes are monitored?
  68. How often the hospitals should be sanitized?
  69. Ware the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly maintenance activities?
  70. How many billing counters are there?
  71. What’re the payment procedures?
  72. Do you’ve any psychologists?
  73. Have you bought NOC licence from pollution board?
  74. What’s the procedure for admission in outpatient ward?
  75. What’ the procedure for conversion of outpatient to inpatient?
  76. Have you bought licence for organ transplantation?
  77. Have you bought licence from electricity board?
  78. What’s the hospital management structure?
  79. What’s the organization structure?
  80. Who’s responsible for legal risks?
  81. Is there any internal legal team?
  82. Who’ll be responsible for the budgeting issues?
  83. Is there any SOP document available for Finance team?
  84. Is there any SOP document available for Maintenance team?
  85. What’re the ways to dispose wastes?
  86. Do you’ve mortuary attached?
  87. Is there any SOP document available for Accounts team?
  88. Is there any SOP document available for Pharmacy team?
  89. Is there any SOP document available for Ambulance Allocation team?
  90. Is there any SOP document available for Human Resource team?
  91. What’s the sump capacity?
  92. Are there any safety lockers available for staffs?
  93. Is there any SOP document available for Laboratory team?
  94. What’re the lab services offered?
  95. Are there any other shops available inside (like specs shop)?
  96. Is there any SOP document available for Facility Maintenance team?
  97. Is the hospital fully air conditioned?
  98. What kind of land is that?
  99. What’re the sign boards necessary?
  100. Are the employees vaccinated properly?
  101. Any special method for storing patient’s medical records?

101 Questions for Hospital Business Plan


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