101 Questions for Book Store Business Plan


The first step before opening a bookstore is to analyse the market and figure out what your capabilities are. Based on your capabilities is simply where you will fit into the market.


  1. What’s your area of operation?
  2. What is your market segment?
  3. What is your customer segment?
  4. Who are the customers?
  5. Have you analysed the demography of the people?
  6. Is there any other branch available?
  7. What are the other businesses nearby?
  8. What is the wait time for Customers?
  9. How many book categories do you offer?
  10. What are the local Customer feedbacks?
  11. How will be the Social media promotions?
  12. How to be visible to the targeted audiences?
  13. Check whether your customers are online enabled.
  14. What are the other ways of promoting a store?
  15. Is there any tie – ups with other brands?
  16. How to Display the books?
  17. What is the facility planogram?
  18. Name of the bookstore.
  19. What’s the logo design?
  20. What’s the name of the Company?
  21. Is the company has been registered legally?
  22. What kind of flooring must be used?
  23. How will be the store launching?
  24. What is the Mission, Vision, and values of the organization?
  25. How the store operates?
  26. What are the marketing strategies?
  27. What are the sales strategies?
  28. What are the social media Platforms and ad costs?
  29. Do you require any E- mail marketing tool?
  30. What are the modes of payment for customers?
  31. What are the modes of payment for suppliers?
  32. How often the collected cash is deposited?
  33. Do you require any CRM Software?
  34. What’s the name of the CRM Software?
  35. What’s the name of the accounting software?
  36. Project the P&L statement for the store.
  37. How’ll be the organisation structure?
  38. How many people are required?
  39. What are their job Descriptions?
  40. What’re their roles & responsibilities?
  41. How will be the stores Management structure?
  42. How many employees are required?
  43. What kind of company it’ll be?
  44. Will you get any subsidies?
  45. List of competitors.
  46. How to Benchmark their qualities?
  47. How do they operate?
  48. What is their monthly footfall?
  49. What’s their turnover (avg.)?
  50. How do they market their store?
  51. Average cost per footfall.
  52. What are the Inputs given by the customers in that area?
  53. What is the Cost of Acquisition of the products?
  54. How much is the Cost of goods sold?
  55. An overview about other stores (with similar products).
  56. What is the maximum capacity that can be supplied (without ordering) in a single time?
  57. Who are your suppliers?
  58. Is there any handbook available for employees?
  59. Is there any SOP available for workers?
  60. What’s the store working time?
  61. Is there any shift timing for employees?
  62. Name of the categories.
  63. What are the other methods of sourcing?
  64. What are the related licenses?
  65. Have you bought the fire license for the store?
  66. Where is the facility located?
  67. Is there any membership available?
  68. Do you provide any study room?
  69. Is there any special discount for college students?
  70. What are the safety measures for visitors?
  71. What are the safety measures for employees?
  72. Is there any locker room facility for employees?
  73. Do you plan for any bag collection process for customers?
  74. How to avoid pilferages?
  75. How to monitor pilferages?
  76. What are the certifications need to be displayed?
  77. Is there any media related Personalities in that locality?
  78. What are the lists of Compliances?
  79. Do you plan for stalls in trade shows?
  80. Do you plan for stalls in book fairs?
  81. How will be the supply channel?
  82. Do you have any online ordering facility?
  83. Any SOP available for accounts department?
  84. How to avoid book exploitations by customers?
  85. Is there any mini warehouse facility attached to the stores?
  86. What are the quality checks for the books?
  87. Are there any Return policies?
  88. What’re the Terms & Conditions?
  89. What is the product portfolio?
  90. What are the Past models (failed and successful) in that locality?
  91. What are your Unique selling propositions?
  92. How we’re going to provide product variations compared to market?
  93. How will be the SKU naming?
  94. How will be the SKU numbering?
  95. Who’s responsible for the financial expenses?
  96. Is there any SOP available for finance department?
  97. Who’s responsible for petty cash management?
  98. Any tie-up with distribution  partners?
  99. Any special strategy for attracting customers?
  100. How to maintain your inventory?
  101. How many books can be accommodated in the store and warehouse?

101 Questions for Book Store Business Plan


Written by IISCM

Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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