101 Questions for an Event Management Company Business Plan


In this fast pace of the world we live in leaves little time for social things to do, like planning events, social gatherings. The demand for this service only keeps on increasing and it needs a clear Business Plan if you want to approach any bank / capital investor to start this as your own.

  1. How much are you going to invest?
  2. Have you decided the types of events going to be conducted?
  3. Are you managing any event that’ll be telecastedlive?
  4. Have you registered thecompany?
  5. Have you decided thelocation?
  6. Own place or taken forlease?
  7. Have you got the property for staging theevent?
  8. Have you got any special facilities for VIPguests?
  9. Who’s responsible for synergizing with the vendors?
  10. Did you choose the companytype?
  11. Have you decided thename?
  12. Are you aware of the taxes included?
  13. Have you got a professionalaccountant?
  14. Have you got the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the government?
  15. Have you got the Performance Rights Society License for organizing live performances?
  16. Have you got any members to perform in theevents?
  17. The performing members are local people or people from other places?
  18. Have they got the foreign artistpermission?
  19. Do the foreign artist people have the required documents?
  20. Do you have any contracts with vendors / hotels / artists?
  21. Have you got the license from the Public Works Department?
  22. Have you got the execution plan?
  23. Do you follow any specificstrategy?
  24. What is the mission and vision for the organization?
  25. Do you have anywebsite?
  26. Have you created a social media account?
  27. Who is in charge for the financial activities?
  28. Who is in charge for the maintenance activities?
  29. Are you aware of your strengths and weakness?
  30. Have you got any competitors nearby?
  31. What are the strategies they are using?
  32. Have you got sufficient space inside the hall?
  33. Do you plan to have any halls of your own?
  34. How many halls are you planning to have?
  35. Who is in charge for the food & beverages department?
  36. How many varieties of food you can provide?
  37. Are you providing any packages? 
  38. Is there any custom package available?
  39. Do you have the proper security?
  40. You’ve any tie-up with the security agencies?
  41. Do you have the proper lighting system?
  42. Do you have any special lighting depending upon the background?
  43. .Have you got the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) from the Events Management Council (EMC)?
  44. Have you got the Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) from ILEA?
  45. Have you decided the organization structure?
  46. Who is the decision maker?
  47. Do you have any partners?
  48. Do you have any knowledge / prior experience in this field?
  49. Do you have the fire safety precautions?
  50. Have you got the license from the fire department?
  51. Are you getting any loan from the bank?
  52. Do you have a separate office at other operating regions?
  53. What are the day-to-day activities in that office?
  54. In what way are you going to find clients?
  55. How many workers are needed?
  56. Are you providing any accommodation for the workers?
  57. How are you going to maintain the expenses involved?
  58. Are you researching in the locality before starting any event?
  59. Are you doing the market analysis based on age/incomelevel/gender/cultural background/area?
  60. How will you manage the marketingexpenses?
  61. In what ways are you going to advertise about thecompany?
  62. What is the max. foot fall you can maintain in each event?
  63. In what ways the competitors attract the clients/sponsor?
  64. In what ways are youpromoting?
  65. Do you have anysponsors?
  66. On what basis are you hiring the employees?
  67. Are they full time employees / floating employees?
  68. What is your marketshare?
  69. In what ways are you using the resources?
  70. What are the resources not being used?
  71. Do you have the proper coordination with the team members?
  72. Are you using any walkie-talkies in the events?
  73. How many managers need to be appointed?
  74. What are their qualifications?
  75. Are you aware of the economic changes?
  76. Are you aware of the changes in the market?
  77. What plan do you’ve to understand the market trend?
  78. Any waiting lounges for the customers?
  79. Do you have the proper air conditioning facility?
  80. Do you have both AC / Non-AC halls?
  81. What’s the min. budget you can provide the packages to break-even the expenses?
  82. Are you promoting your business in multiple platforms?
  83. Do you have the business cards and brochuresprinted?
  84. How many floors are planning to build?
  85. Have you got the No Objection Certificate from the local police station?
  86. Are you aware of the Phonographic Performance Ltd License? (if required)
  87. Have you got drone cameras tomonitor?
  88. Do you have the parking facility for both 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers?
  89. Have you got the floor plan for the venue?
  90. Have you got the No Objection Certificate from the Venue for conducting theevents?
  91. Do you provide the genset facility for theevent?
  92. Have you acquired the Public Works Department license for operating generator in the event?
  93. Are you aware of the travelling expenses for theevent?
  94. Do you have anauditor?
  95. Do you have any lawyer for facing legalissues?
  96. Are you aware of the threats in this business? What are they?
  97. How are you going to build thenetwork/contacts?
  98. Do you have any contract with the photographers?
  99. Have you built a service portfolio?
  100. You’ve any SOPs for the event managementstaffs?
  101. You’ve any tie-up with the printingagencies?

101 Questions for an Event Management Company Business Plan


Written by IISCM

Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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