101 Questions for School Business Plan


A business plan clearly sets out the objectives of the business (school). Business Plan states exactly how the business intends to operate along with the necessities and how it will become profitable after operationalizing.

  1. How much are you going to invest?
  2. Have you decided the location to start the school?
  3. Is it your own / rented space?
  4. Do you have any partners?
  5. What’s the sharing percentage with your partners?
  6. Have you decided the type of school you are going to start?
  7. Is it a day school or a boarding school?
  8. Is the building plan approved by the government?
  9. Have you got the NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Local Government?
  10. Do you have an auditorium in the school?
  11. .Do you have enough space for playground?
  12. Do you have separate playground for each sport?
  13. Do you have any stadium for Indoor activity?
  14. Do you have washrooms for students with necessary amenities?
  15. Do you have a separate washroom for staffs?
  16. What are the extracurricular activities you provide?
  17. How many floors are there in the school?
  18. Do you have a proper canteen?
  19. Do you have the proper security?
  20. Do you have the proper cameras in each corridor?
  21. How often the cameras should be monitored?
  22. Do you have the enough space for parking?
  23. Do you have bio-metric system for attendance?
  24. Do you have fee register maintenance process?
  25. What is the book fee for the students?
  26. Do you have a separate document for students?
  27. Have you opened a business bank account?
  28. How many benches do you need initially?
  29. Are there any spare benches?
  30. Do you have Proper lighting system?
  31. Do you have staff room separately for each department?
  32. Is there any safety provided for staff belonging?
  33. What is vision and mission for starting the school?
  34. Do you have digital classes?
  35. Do you have a genset facility?
  36. Are you providing lunch for students?
  37. How many workers do the school need?
  38. Do you have a black board for all the classes?
  39. Do you have lab for each department?
  40. Do you have Library in the school?
  41. How many books you’re planning for?
  42. Do you have Fire safety inside the school?
  43. Do you have any primary health center inside the school?
  44. Do you provide any periodic health checkup for students?
  45. Do you have any tie-up with any nearby hospitals?
  46. Is there any bus stop nearby?
  47. What are the qualifications for the teaching staffs?
  48. Have you paid the affiliation fee?
  49. Have you got permission from the inspection team?
  50. What is the capital cost?
  51. What is the operational cost?
  52. Is there any hostel facilities provided?
  53. Have you decided your budget?
  54. Have you associated with any trust or society?
  55. Have you got the minimum land required to build a school?
  56. Have you got the EC from Department of Education (DOE)?
  57. Do you provide proper drinking water facility?
  58. Have you got the EC for Construction purpose?
  59. Have you decided the grade level for the students?
  60. Did you secure any fund for the school?
  61. Have you hired the faculties?
  62. Are you providing any training for the staffs?
  63. Have you registered the school in the state’s educational division?
  64. Have you applied for any educational accreditations in any agencies?
  65. Are you approaching MCD (Municipal Authority) for school’s recognition?
  66. Have you decided the school’s name?
  67. Are there any schools nearby?
  68. Are you consulting the state education board before the start?
  69. What is the medium of education?
  70. Who is in charge for the maintenance activities?
  71. What are risks involved in starting the school in that locality?
  72. Are you providing any orientations before the start of the school?
  73. Is there any bank loan needed?
  74. Have you got any subsidies?
  75. Is there any sponsorship provided for the school?
  76. What are the day-to-day operations involved?
  77. What are the things students will be getting for the fees paid?
  78. Have you decided the student’s uniform?
  79. Do you have any website for the school?
  80. Who is in charge for the admission department?
  81. Who is in charge for the administration department?
  82. Do you have any front office inside the school?
  83. Do you provide any tuition for the students separately?
  84. Have you decided the timings for the school?
  85. Who is in charge for the accounts department?
  86. Name of the accounting software.
  87. Have you hired any auditor for accounting purpose?
  88. How often the auditing will be done?
  89. Do you have any lawyers for legal activities?
  90. Have you decided the curriculum?
  91. Have you analyzed the demography of that area? (Age & Gender)
  92. Are you planning for pre launching the admission process?
  93. Do you provide any online admission?
  94. In what way are you going to manage the expenses?
  95. What are the modes of payment?
  96. Have you decided the building structure?
  97. Do you provide any other special services?
  98. How often the floors should be cleaned in a day?
  99. Are the steps are properly built for students?
  100. Do you provide any feedback session for parents?
  101. What’s the launching plan?

101 Questions for School Business Plan


Written by IISCM

Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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