101 Questions for Travel Agency Business Plan


To become an agent for travel won’t be that much expensive. But, to make it as a business model and you need to think about the staffs and operational costs too. So, if you want to consult / hire an advisor to establish or develop your business plan, we can help you to achieve its clear and realistic versions.

  1. How much is your investment?
  2. Do you have contact with other agencies?
  3. Do you have any tourist guides for the travel?
  4. Will you provide any travel brochures?
  5. What’s there in the travel kit?
  6. How many persons are there?
  7. What’s their eligibility criteria?
  8. Do you have contract with any Hotels /Resorts?
  9. Will you arrange for the food for the travelers?
  10. Do you’ve any tie-up with the restaurants?
  11. What are the modes of transport you provide?
  12. Do you have prior experience in this field?
  13. What’re the safety measures you’ll provide for the travelers?
  14. Do you have any tie-up with the hospitals in that location?
  15. Do you provide any assistance for applying passport?
  16. Are you aware of the shopping places in that location?
  17. Are you in need of financial assistance?
  18. Do you provide any money exchange activities?
  19. Have you registered the company?
  20. Have you decided the locations of operation?
  21. Is it your own place or leased space?
  22. Do you have any website?
  23. What is the mission and vision for the organization?
  24. Have you created a social media account?
  25. Do you provide domestic travel or international travel or both?
  26. What’re the packages?
  27. Do you have the seller travel license?
  28. What are the operational costs involved?
  29. Do you provide online booking facility?
  30. Do you have your business card?
  31. Do you have any tie-ups with the airlines?
  32. What’s the max. days per trip?
  33. What’s the min. days per trip?
  34. Do you provide any custom packages?
  35. How much margin will you get from each trip?
  36. How many travelers are there in each group?
  37. How much profit are you making from each group?
  38. Do you provide any seasonal packages?
  39. How many seasonal packages do you provide?
  40. How many vans / buses do you use for services?
  41. Is it your own property or a third-party service provider?
  42. Do you provide any medical tourism?
  43. You’ve any tie-up with the hospitals?
  44. What’s the procedure for medical tourism?
  45. Do you provide any educational tourism?
  46. You’ve any tie-up with the universities?
  47. What’s the procedure for educational tourism?
  48. Have you decided the name of the agency?
  49. Are the agents registered legally?
  50. Do you have your business account?
  51. Do you require any permits?
  52. How are you going to promote your agency?
  53. How to retain your customers?
  54. Are you making your presence in the web?
  55. What are the day-to-day activities in the office?
  56. Do you have the required capabilities to operate a travel agency?
  57. Do you have (CTA) Certified Travel Associate?
  58. Do you have (CTC) Certified Travel Counselor?
  59. Do you have (CTIE) Certified Travel Industry Executive?
  60. What is the market potential of travel agency business?
  61. What’s the market share?
  62. What’re the risk management methods?
  63. Do you provide separate trips for women travelers?
  64. Is there any age limit for the travelers?
  65. How are you going to develop your brand?
  66. What’s the market research you’ve done?
  67. Is there any R & D department?
  68. Did you choose your organization structure?
  69. Do you provide any cruise ship travel?
  70. Is there any tie-up with the ship companies?
  71. Do you provide any adventurous travel trips?
  72. Do you have a planning specialist?
  73. What system & software do you need to open a travel agency?
  74. Do you have a scheduling plan for your agency?
  75. What are the modes of payment for staffs?
  76. What are the modes of payment for customers?
  77. What is the payment structure for the guides?
  78. Have you decided the logo for your brand?
  79. Who is in-charge for the maintenance activities?
  80. Who is in-charge for the operational activities?
  81. Who is in-charge for the accounting activities?
  82. What planning software do you use?
  83. Do you have any internal auditor?
  84. Are you connected with any travel community?
  85. Are you aware of the insurance needed?
  86. Do you have any insurance partners?
  87. Who is the decision maker for the activities?
  88. Do the workers have to undergo any training?
  89. How often the trainings are conducted?
  90. How are you going to advertise about the newly introduced packages?
  91. How are you going to maintain your expenses?
  92. How are you going to keep up the business?
  93. How will you manage the marketing expenses?
  94. Do you provide any offers during the seasonal time?
  95. How many competitors do you have in that locality?
  96. In what ways the competitors attract their customers?
  97. Do you have any sponsors?
  98. Are you aware of the threats in this business?
  99. Do you have both AC / Non-AC vehicles?
  100. Do you have the fire safety precautions in the vehicles?
  101. Do you have first aid kit inside the vehicle?

101 Questions for Travel Agency Business Plan


Written by IISCM

Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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