101 Questions for a Makeup Studio Business Plan


You’ve found your passion in this field and transformed the same into a business model but also learn how to start a business plan for starting your own makeup studio. These 101 Questions will help you out to understand the compliances in this business.

  1. Have you decided the name?
  2. Any plan for bringing visibility for the brand?
  3. Have you decided the services portfolio?
  4. Have you decided the logo?
  5. How much are you going to invest?
  6. What are the costs involved?
  7. Who’s your target audiences?
  8. What’s your Unique Value Proposition?
  9. Are you providing any cosmetic products for sale?
  10. Are you doing any seasonal makeups?
  11. Do you have a business account?
  12. Have you got the license?
  13. Have you decided the location?
  14. Own place or rented place
  15. What’s the visibility of the location?
  16. Are you aware of the insurance for the facility?
  17. How many competitors are there in that locality?
  18. What are the advertising strategies?
  19. Do you have any brand ambassadors?
  20. How are you going to retain a customer?
  21. Do you have any professional makeup artist?
  22. Do they need any qualifications?
  23. Are you providing any trainings?
  24. How you’re planning for funding the business?
  25. Do you have any experience in this field?
  26. Do you have the required capabilities?
  27. Do you have a portfolio?
  28. Have you decided prices for the services?
  29. Do you have any dealerships for cosmetic brands?
  30. Are there any offers on seasonal times?
  31. Do you have your own website?
  32. Do you have the makeup kit?
  33. Are you providing any additional service?
  34. Do have contract with any photographers?
  35. Do you have ring light?
  36. How many workers do you need?
  37. Will you provide the bridal costumes?
  38. How are you going to build your customer network?
  39. Are you aware of your strengths and weakness?
  40. Do you have any sponsors?
  41. Do you use any imported products?
  42. How are you importing it?
  43. What are the charges associated with that?
  44. Are there any criteria for choosing a cosmetic brand?
  45. How are you going to manage the expenses?
  46. Do you have any certificates to be a makeup artist?
  47. Have you undergone any special training?
  48. Do you provide any training for professionals?
  49. What are the maintenance activities for the products?
  50. What happens if the products expired?
  51. Where are you purchasing the accessories?
  52. Do you have the required makeup kit?
  53. Are you doing any service for film fraternities?
  54. Will you be able to do for all age groups?
  55. Do you provide any test makeup service?
  56. Do you have sample tutorials for customers?
  57. How much do you pay for the workers?58
  58. What are the modes of payment for workers?
  59. What are the modes of payment for customers?
  60. What’s your margin for each service?
  61. Who is in charge for the financial activities?
  62. Do you have your business card?
  63. Do you have all the required organizational capabilities?
  64. Is there any branch office?
  65. Which is the head office?
  66. What are the risks involved in this business?
  67. How many bookings you could be able to handle?
  68. What are the organization values?
  69. Is there any online booking facility?
  70. Any credit-based services available?
  71. Is there any R&D team?
  72. What’re their activities?
  73. How often they should come out with new services?
  74. Customer acquiring strategies.
  75. What’s the pricing range?
  76. Any special services available for bridal makeup?
  77. Do you have all the required electrical equipment?
  78. Do you have all the required properties inside the studio?
  79. How much does your competitor charge for each service?
  80. What is the avg. foot fall for your competitor?
  81. What is the avg. foot fall of your brand?
  82. Do you have any scheduling methods?
  83. Is there any SOPs available for professionals?
  84. Is there any SOPs available for office staffs?
  85. How do you get customer’s feedbacks?
  86. What’s the Mission and Vision of an organization?
  87. Is there any partnership with cosmetic brands?
  88. Any special discounts available for college students?
  89. What are the marketing strategies?
  90. What’s the proof of ownership do you have?
  91. Do you provide any free consultation services?
  92. Have you analyzed the demography of that city?
  93. Do you have a lengthy Switch box?
  94. Have you got a professional email address?
  95. How much do you spend for an advertisement?
  96. Have you got any trial rooms and separate restrooms inside the studio?
  97. What are the maintenance activities?
  98. How often do you clean the brushes?
  99. How many customers are needed every month to break-even the expenses?
  100. Do you have any partnership with any other brands?
  101. Have you registered the company?

101 Questions for a Makeup Studio Business Plan


Written by IISCM

Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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