101 Questions for a Pre-School Business Plan

  1. How much are you going to invest?
  2. Have you decided the location to start the school?
  3. Is it an own / rented space?
  4. Is it inside the city or in the out skirts of the city?
  5. Is the building plan approved by the government?
  6. How many rooms do you have inside the building?
  7. Do you have the childcare license?
  8. Do you have required toys and equipments for the kids inside the school?
  9. Do you experience in this field?
  10. Did you choose the teaching methodology for the students?
  11. Are you conducting any unique programs?
  12. What’s unique about your school?
  13. How are you going to design the internal environment?
  14. How many staff do you need?
  15. How many workers do you need?
  16. What’s the min. age for the children?
  17. What’s the max. age for the children?
  18. What are the criteria for the staffs?
  19. What are the criteria for the workers?
  20. What are the operational expenses involved?
  21. What are the day-to-day activities?
  22. Do you have any indoor playground for the kids?
  23. What are the games included?
  24. School operational hours.
  25. Do you conduct any other program in that facility?
  26. Are there any weekends off?
  27. Do you provide any snack for the kids?
  28. What emergency procedure do you follow?
  29. What procedure do you follow when the kid fall sick?
  30. Do you have any primary health center inside the school?
  31. Do you have any kind of first aid kit?
  32. Do you have any tie-up with the doctors?
  33. Do you have any schedule policies for staffs?
  34. Do you provide online admission?
  35. Do you have a handbook for staffs?
  36. Do you provide any field trips for the kids?
  37. Do you have necessary parking facilities?
  38. Do you provide any Yoga / Exercise / Dance / Zumba classes for kids?
  39. Have you got all the necessary equipment?
  40. Do you’ve professionals trained on this?
  41. Do you provide any drawing / painting classes for kids?
  42. Do you have a website for your school?
  43. Do you have a official mail ID for your school?
  44. Have you decided the name for your school?
  45. How are you going to promote your school?
  46. What’s the type of flooring you’ve used?
  47. Will it protect kids from being hurt?
  48. Do you require any loan?
  49. Do you have properly maintained washrooms?
  50. Do you follow proper hygiene inside the school?
  51. Do you have the proper security?
  52. How many cameras do you have in your school?
  53. How often the cameras are monitored?
  54. Do you have biometric system for attendance tracking?
  55. What’s the fees collection procedure?
  56. Do you have all the necessary details in a student’s file?
  57. Have you opened a business bank account?
  58. Do you have enough space in all the rooms?
  59. Do you have Proper lighting system inside the facility?
  60. Are you aware of rules and regulations for that building?
  61. Do you have separate lockers for staffs to keep their belonging?
  62. What is vision and mission for starting this school?
  63. Do you provide any digital mode of training for kids?
  64. Do you have a Genset facility?
  65. What’s the fire safety equipment do you have inside the school?
  66. Have you decided your monthly operational budget?
  67. Have you got permission from the inspection team?
  68. Do you provide proper drinking water facility?
  69. What’s the total floor space of operation?
  70. Is there any external funding for the school?
  71. Do you provide any sponsorships?
  72. What are the min. requirements to work for that school?
  73. Do you have a separate training based on the age groups?
  74. Do you have any weekly / monthly plans?
  75. How often the parents are met personally?
  76. Is there any restriction to pick up the kids?
  77. Do you provide any transportation facility?
  78. Are the staffs were given the permission to use that facility?
  79. Do you provide any training for the staffs / workers?
  80. What’re the qualifications do the staffs / workers need?
  81. Do you have a social media profile?
  82. Do you provide any orientation programs?
  83. Who is in charge for the administration department?
  84. Who is in charge for the accounts department?
  85. Do you need an office inside the school?
  86. Have you analyzed the demography of that area? (Age & Gender)
  87. What are the modes of fees payment?
  88. How often the feedbacks are collected from parents?
  89. Do you have any air conditioning facility?
  90. Are you aware of the preschool child rights?
  91. Do you train your staff on behavioral with the kids?
  92. What are the modes of payments of the salaries?
  93. Do you provide any notebooks for the kids?
  94. Do you provide a bed napping for kids?
  95. How many competitors are there in your location?
  96. What’s unique about their school?
  97. Do you provide any extracurricular activities for kids?
  98. Do you have a background checkup for the staffs/workers?
  99. How many emergency exits are there inside the school?
  100. Are you aware of the child-staff ratio?
  101. Do you provide any daycare service?

101 Questions for a Pre-School Business Plan


Written by IISCM

Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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