SOP Manual for Commercial Air, Rail and Water Transportation Equipment Rental and Leasing


This article discusses about “Commercial Air, Rail and Water transportation equipment rental and leasing and its sop manual”. The U.S. industry comprises establishments which are primarily engaged in renting and leasing market, expected a growth of $344.7 billion to $346.4 billion in the period of 2019 to 2020. But due to the global pandemic causes by covid-19, there is recession in the economic growth that only allows the market to expect $425.7 billion by 2023.  

List of global machinery leasing market:

  • Asia- Pacific: It was the largest accounting for 37% of the global machinery leasing market.
  • North America: It was second largest region in the global machinery leasing market accounting for 30%.
  • Africa: It was the smallest region in the global machinery market.

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) has grouped services and activities associated with Commercial Air, Rail and Water Transportation equipment rental and leasing under the NAICS industry code 532411. The following list shows some activities that are associated with industry 532411,

  • Aircraft rental or leasing without operator.
  • Airplane rental or leasing without operator.
  • Barge rental or leasing without crew.
  • Boat rental.
  • Boat rental (except pleasure) without crew.
  • Boat rental or leasing, commercial.
  • Railroad car rental or leasing.
  • Ship rental or leasing without crew.
  • Steamship rental or leasing without crew.
  • Tanker (Boat) rental or leasing without crew.
  • Towboat rental or leasing without crew.
  • Tugboat rental or leasing without crew.


NAICS further classified in subsector for rental and leasing:

  • NAICS 53-Real Estate and rental and leasing.
  • NAICS 11- Sector 11- Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting.
  • NAICS 21- Sector 21-Mining.
  • NAICS 22- Sector 22-Utilities.
  • NAICS 23- Sector 23-Construction.
  • NAICS 31- Sector 31-33-Manufacturing.
  • NAICS 532- Rental and leasing service.  
  • NAICS 5324- commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rental and leasing.
  • NAICS 53249- other commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rental and leasing.
  • NAICS 5323- General rental Centers.
  • NAICS 5322- Consumer Goods Rental.
  • NAICS 5321- Automotive equipment rental and leasing.

Few of the World’s best companies in this industry are,

  • Air Lease Corporation | Los Angeles | United States | airleasecorp.com|
  • Aircastle Limited | Stamford | United States |
  • Embraer Aircraft Holding Inc | Fort Lauderdale | United States |
  • Willis Lease Finance Crop | Coconut Creek | United States | willislease.com|
  • Hornbeck offshore Services Inc | Covington | United States | hornbeckoffshore.com|
  • Kyle Mountain Fire LLC | Tine lane Las Vegas | United State |
  • Mindwest Jet Center, LLC | Cincinnati | United State | www
  • West Fork Environmental, LLC | Tumwater | United State |
  • Greenwood Group, Inc | Ponca City | United State |
  • Waterworks Industries Incorporated | Windsor | United State |
  • Allen Corporation of America, Inc | Fair fax | United State |  
  • Flight Options Inc | Richmond Heights | United States | flightoptions.com|
  • Graham Marine Inc | Houma | United States | seacorholdings.com|
  • Flight Options LLC | Cleveland | United States | flightoptions.com|
  • Planesense Inc | Portsmouth | United States | planesense.com|
  • Aerocentury Corp | Burlingame | United States | aerocentury.com|

Journals and article related to commercial air, rail and water transportation equipment rental and leasing:

SOP Manual for Commercial Air, Rail and Water Transportation Equipment Rental and Leasing

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