SOP Manual for Photographic and Photocopying Equipment Manufacturing


Photographic and Photocopying Equipment Manufacturing industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing photographic and photocopying equipment, such as cameras (except television and video), projectors, film developing equipment, photocopying equipment, and microfilm equipment.

List of products that are being made under this industry

  • Aerial cameras manufacturing
  • Blueprint equipment manufacturing
  • Cameras (except television, video) manufacturing
  • Densitometers (except laboratory analytical) manufacturing
  • Developing equipment, film, manufacturing
  • Digital cameras manufacturing
  • Driers, photographic, manufacturing
  • Editing equipment, motion picture (e.g., rewinders, splicers, titlers, viewers), manufacturing
  • Enlargers, photographic, manufacturing
  • Exposure meters, photographic, manufacturing
  • Film developing equipment manufacturing
  • Flash apparatus, photographic, manufacturing
  • Lens hoods, camera, manufacturing
  • Light meters, photographic, manufacturing
  • Microfiche equipment (e.g., cameras, projectors, readers) manufacturing
  • Microfilm equipment (e.g., cameras, projectors, readers) manufacturing
  • Motion picture cameras manufacturing
  • Motion picture projectors manufacturing
  • Overhead projectors (except computer peripheral) manufacturing
  • Photocopying machines manufacturing
  • Photoflash equipment manufacturing
  • Photographic equipment (except lenses) manufacturing
  • Projection equipment (e.g., motion picture, slide), photographic, manufacturing
  • Projection screens (i.e., motion picture, overhead, slide) manufacturing
  • Range finders, photographic, manufacturing
  • Readers, microfilm or microfiche, manufacturing
  • Screens, projection (i.e., motion picture, overhead, slide), manufacturing
  • Sensitometers, photographic, manufacturing
  • Tanks, photographic developing, fixing, and washing, manufacturing
  • Trays, photographic printing, and processing, manufacturing
  • Tripods, camera, and projector, manufacturing


The Asia Pacific region was the largest region in the worldwide photographic and photocopying equipment manufacturing market, dominating for 45% of the market in 2018. Western Europe was the second-largest economy registering for 25% of the worldwide photographic and photocopying equipment manufacturing market. For instance, Africa was the smallest region in the worldwide photographic and photocopying equipment manufacturing market.

Some of the major players of this industry are

  • Eastman Kodak Company
  • X Rite Inc
  • Lightning Bug
  • Butler Creek Corp
  • L 3 Photonics
  • Princeton Instruments Inc
  • Radiant Vision Systems
  • Matthews Studio Equipment Inc
  • Inovative Foto Inc
  • The Denny Mfg Co Inc
  • Fujjfilm Film Holdings America Corp
  • Logan Electric Specialty Manufacturing
  • Liberty Laser Solutions Inc
  • Panavision Hollywood
  • Khatod Optoelectronic SRL
  • Photogenic Professional Lighting
  • Promark Brands
  • Fuji Photo Technical Development Group
  • Eastern Engineering Supply Inc
  • Birns And Sawyer Inc
  • Mirror Magic
  • Da Lite Polacoat Division
  • Phoenix Laser Printers
  • VideoRay
  • Thomas Reprographics Inc
  • Artograph Inc
  • Photoflex Inc
  • AAA Imaging And Supplies Inc
  • Keyw Corp
  • Express Imagining Systems Inc
  • Smith Victor Corp
  • DRS Laurel Technologies
  • Rentglass, LLC
  • Moving Image Technologies, LLC
  • Foto Club
  • Filmdex Inc
  • Fujifilm Graphic Systems USA Inc
  • Michel Co
  • Marygrove Roll Screens
  • Tabors Pacific Foto Supply
  • Onomatopoeia Inc
  • Ragtime Rentals Inc
  • Tao Creative
  • Imagedancer
  • Jr Lighting Inc
  • Veach Co
  • Shadowstone Inc
  • Somar International Inc
  • Kas Lighting Inc
  • Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp
  • Gk Films
  • Kitchen, LLC
  • Pacific Mount Inc
  • Southpoint Photo Supply Inc
  • Ron Meyer Filming Inc
  • Carada Inc
  • Visual Products Inc
  • Little Giant Lighting And Grip
  • Serious Gear Co
  • Trade Audio Visual Corp
  • Milano Digital
  • Seprado Sound And Productions
  • Filmart
  • Photo Center
  • Zoom North America
  • Newroz Films
  • H Pi International Inc
  • Hpiinternational Inc
  • Fujifilm USA
  • Mykita of America
  • Tov Trading Co
  • Agfa Corp
  • Henson Scales Productions
  • Jack Donnelly Inc
  • Display of Glory
  • Marks Supplies
  • Abanoub USA
  • Alan Weiss Productions
  • Noritsu America Corp
  • BGGS Lighting And Grip
  • Lytro
  • Really Good Stuff
  • Expoimaging Inc
  • Center For Educational Telecom
  • Lexar Media
  • Canon Business Process Services
  • Patchwerks
  • Intellicog
  • Harkness Screens USA, Ltd
  • Arcadia Films Inc
  • Photo Sonics Inc
  • Mervap Cold Light Products
  • Rodeo Fx Corp
  • Dot Line Corp
  • Kraft Engel Management, LLC
  • Wein Products Inc
  • Below Line Film Service
  • Changs Photo Supplies Co
  • Stereo D

All the news driving this sector in the new millennium can be summed up in one word: digital. This was the decade of digital, with digital cameras getting ever cheaper, smaller, simpler, and more powerful. In 1999, there were 2.2 million digital cameras sold compared to 17.8 million conventional cameras sold. Those numbers had drastically changed in the early 2000s, with approximately 9.4 million digital cameras sold in 2002, compared to 14.2 million conventional cameras. Digital's growing popularity was due to a number of factors, including the option of previewing or erasing photos, superior image quality, and the ability to download photos directly to a computer for e-mailing or storing to an online album.

In 2002, several digital cameras could be purchased for less than $400 and be as small as a credit card, and nearly as thin. With more attractive packaging, digital cameras were no longer just for techno wizards but began blossoming into chic and trendy accessories. Digital camcorders were also keeping pace with exciting new developments. With basic features like autofocus, autoexposure, and image stabilization, digital camcorders also offered a distinct advantage over its analog counterparts of image transfer to a computer without any loss of quality. Average prices were in the $1,000 to $2,000 range for a lightweight, quality unit. As digital cameras and camcorders became more like complex computers, however, some models may be limited to the technologically advanced.

Cinemas were also converting to digital, with the number of digital screens used worldwide jumping from 12 in 1999 to 155 in 2002.

For traditional filmmakers such as Eastman Kodak, the excitement over digital meant bad news, with the company's film sales dropping 5 percent alone in the fourth quarter of 2002 after an already weak year. Cost-cutting forced Kodak to announce it would have to eliminate up to 2,200 jobs or 3 percent of its workforce. Although many digital coverts were also still using traditional 35-mm film, Advanced Photo Systems (APS), or one-time-use cameras, APS has failed to decrease the public's overwhelming interest in digital cameras. Customers also did not like the higher prices charged for APS and failed to see any significant benefits. In 2002, sales of conventional film in U.S. supermarkets, drug and discount stores (excluding Wal-Mart) totaled $745.6 million, a decrease of 11.5 percent from the previous year. Predictions for 2003 for the company were not much brighter.

One-time-use cameras also continued to be popular in the new millennium. In 1997, one-time-use cameras held a 9.9 percent share of rolls, edging up to 12.8 percent by 1999. In 2000, that market grew to 15.0 percent. By 2002, one-time cameras held a more than 17.5 percent share. One-time digital cameras also came onto the market in 2003.

Meanwhile, advancing technology allowed photo-quality printers to continue to get better and less expensive. Many good quality printers could be had in 2002 for less than $150, with one, the Epson Stylus Photo 820, delivering quality prints for $99. With an estimated 80 percent of digital camera users printing their digital images at home, that meant good news for printer manufacturers. Multifunction printers (MFPs), which enable users to copy, scan, fax, and print, also continued their momentum. Digital copiers were forecast to grow 5 percent a year through 2006, while printers were expected to grow by about 0.5 percent per year through 2006.

Governing bodies

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Photographic and photocopying equipment manufacturing global market there are several corporates which presently operating more significantly for leading the highest market growth and dominating the handsome value of market share around the globe in the coming years while delivering the better consumer satisfaction, spreading the awareness related to the photographic and photocopying equipment, decreasing the linked prices, employing the young workforce, implementing the profitable strategies, developing the applications of the photographic and photocopying equipment, and studying the strategies of the competitors includes Canon Inc, Xerox Corporation, Avid Technology Inc, X-Rite Incorporated, Ricoh Electronics, and several others.

The Photocopiers industry is observing a speedy modification from the analog copiers to digital copiers. A digital copying machine contains a scanner for the reading documents as digital data, a laser unit to create images, and an output unit for printing the image shaped. The Digital copiers create better quality copies, speed up the copying procedure, and automatically advance the image excellence when compared to the traditional analog copiers. Digital copying machines assist businesses with noteworthy savings in period and cost. Foremost digital copying producers involve the Brothers, Xerox, Canon, HP, Lanier, Sharp, and Toshiba. In 2016, HP attained Samsung Electronics’ printer business and schedules to sell sixteen versions of fresh copying machines, whereas Konica Minolta has proclaimed copier machines with AI and IoT competences, thus representing high requirements for the digital photocopiers.

During the recent past, digital media has transformed the face of digital photography with the appearance of the photo-sharing sites, connecting sites, and blogging sites. This incremented contribution of the vast populace on the Internet is rated as the principal aspect that is encompassing the requirement in the worldwide market for digital photography. Moreover, the foremost players in this market are continuously revolutionizing and producing new products to catch the responsiveness of the consumers. However, the demand of photocopiers is boosted by augmenting the government organizations and several other service industries, developing photocopying technologies, augment in the number of offices and educational institutes, especially in underdeveloped economies, speedy digital technologies and product modernizations in the field of photocopying, calmer availability of inexpensive products and photocopier models, the emerging requirement for the multifunctional devices. Players in the global photographic and photocopying equipment manufacturing market have been consolidating their position in the photocopiers market by dropping prices, augmenting speed, and modernizing technologies. Producers and suppliers of photocopiers today furnish the machines for personal usage, convenience stores, copy centers, and central printing and replicating sites.

SOP Manual for Photographic and Photocopying Equipment Manufacturing

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